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Fuel Level Sensor with Digital output for web tracking solutions 1024/4096 values

CAP LLS-D Digital Fuel Level Sensor (FLS) Manufacture 

Fuel level sensors use capacitive technology to accurately sense the fuel level in any tank type. No moving parts or floats.
New mathematical filtration CAP technology.
This type of sensors also are ideal for use in harsh environments, where the temperature and vibration extremes make other types of sensor unsuitable.

CAP LLS-D Digital Fuel Level Sensor - with special CAP software CAP fuel level sensors can be used for consumption/fueling/stelling control.

Special fuel level sensor with digital communication interface RS232/RS485/SAE J1939 designed for the fuel measurement system.

CAP LLS-D Digital Fuel Level Sensor can be installed in any type of motor vehicles, tractors, construction and agricultural machines, stationary fuel storage or diesel-electric locomotives.

Technical data

Power supply:
  • 10 ... 30 V
Consumption power:
  • < 0,15 watt
Operation principle:
  • capacitive
Resolution (number of gradation):
  • 1024/4096 level
Communication interface:
  • RS232/RS485(EIA-485)/SAE J1939 - on request
Communication speed
  • 19 200 bit sec - 115200 bit
Probe length :
  • from 200mm up to 4000mm
Mounting bolts:
  • 5 bolts M5
Connector type:
  • Superseal (Tyco Electronics), plug 4 pin
Operation mode:
  • continuous
Operation pressure:
  • atmospheric
Operation temperature:
  • -40...+80

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New Feature

CAP fuel level sensors now have new feature. Our sensors are completed with plastic plug: special fitting which permits to cut it to any necessary height to fit the fuel tank perfectly.

In addition, plastic plug protects LLS from water, mud, and dirt that accumulates on the fuel tank bottom, and allows to avoid short circuit.

Connection wires

wire description wire colors
GND power brown     
Power 12/24V blue  
RX - receive COM Port 19200 yellow-green  
TX - send COM Port 19200 black  

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