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CapNavi Manufacture GPS and m2m tracking server software, hardware and fuel sensors
Fleet management, logistics optimization, remote maintenance, and more
GPS Server Platform for personal, business, and integration purposes
Select the most suitable server solution for your needs
The family and staff are under your supervision
Professional solutions for the remote object tracking
Find out where the car was and what happened to it
Vehicle fleet tracking in real time, fuel consumption, automation of business
Online control for all movements, standing and parking of object, two-way communication with the driver, multi-user access from any computer is warranty of operational and security your resources
All date from any object accumulate on the server for further analysis. Work with data has become easier and more convenient on the server - simply log on any computer on the Internet and you can see all information about your object graphically to display of all track and stops on the map for any reporting period with the exact indication of addresses to print reports. Also, you'll see where are all your objects, counting ENGINE HOURS, downtime, deviation from the route and much more..
CAP equipment transmits accurate GPS data in real time the location of people, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycle, goods, containers and other moving objects require monitoring. The information includes the exact time of the beginning and finish, full track for territory of any State, accurate mileage from GPS or on-board computer or CAN-bus...
Planning logistics schemes,routes and tasks became easier. You'll know exactly where your goods will be будет delivered to the customer, reducing the number of calls to confirm because you can see of all the information about the execution order
Fuel control
Fuel consumption control, thefts and drains monitoring, remote GenSets monitoring (Diesel Generators Fuel consumption control) for m2m applicaitons, Tracking online fuel change and reports
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November 18, 2024


capnavi fuel sensor, blue white blue lls, liquid sensor

Check out new series of CAP Liquid (Fuel) Level Sensors.

January 23, 2024

We present brand new CAP Taxi solution with a set of free premium applications for taxi business.

December 22, 2021

Company CAPNAVI introduced its own platform for satellite monitoring. The first realized on this platform project is the system for monitoring for mobile operator velcom.

September 23, 2021

Reduce fuel consumption of vehicles is a key factor is very much on the minds of consumers and manufacturers. While Automobile manufacturers are focusing their efforts in the area of technology and design, drivers should implement a series of measures in form driving to reduce fuel consumption of their vehicles.

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